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It’s Thanksgiving Eve…

Do you know where your turkey is?

Ours are brining as I type, both of them. Not two full turkeys, we opted for a 16 lb turkey and a 6 lb breast for additional sandwich meat and leftovers. Gotta have leftovers. We’re also 7 for dinner this year and I know that sounds like a lot of turkey for 7 people, but folks always want to take some leftovers home, so double it, portion-wise, and then we like to not have to cook for a few days. You know how it goes.

And then there’s the turkey gumbo on Sunday for our fledgling gaming group’s first official session. I have decided my paladin is actually going to be a Squire. It makes a lot more sense for this first-time gamer NOT to play the head fighter in charge, doncha think?

What else are we serving with the turkey? (This is, after all, a food-ish blog, no?)

Cornbread dressing (it’s only stuffing if it goes inside the bird, this does not, ergo it’s dressing)
Candied Sweet Potatoes
Mirliton (chayote squash with shrimp and crab)
Rice and Gandulas (pigeon peas)
Green Bean Casserole
2 type of Cranberry Sauce

And, of course, there will be various cheeses, dips and crackers out for pre-dinner nibbles and ambrosia, pecan and pumpkin pies for dessert.

It always amazes me that the shopping trip for 1 meal usually ends up costing the same as for a week of our normal shopping. But, then, when I consider that we’re making at least 14 portions (and Mom’s bringing 2 of the side dishes), well, yeah, that’s a whole week of lunch and dinners if it was just us. So I guess it does make sense. And I’ve yet to figure out how not to cook for an army when it comes to holidays, anyway.

Oh, and I got another couple pages inked last weekend in the midst of various social obligations. Friday and Saturday will be, I hope, productive days.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, folks, and I’ll see you on the flip side!

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