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Officially a Gamer & Chapter 4 Update

I got my ass handed to me by some Ants of Extraordinarily Outrageous Unusual Size. Our whole little party struggled with these things and it was utterly ridiculous. And utterly fun. And then we got hit by a noxious gas trap in the trophy room of this manor we’re investigating. And I can’t roll for sh!t… so, yeah, I think I’m an actual gamer now.

But anyway!

78% Inked Pages

Yes, that’s right folks. Chapter 4 is inked, scanned and saved to the external hard drive. Woot! And here’s a page from said chapter:

Page 4, Chapter 13, What to Feed Your Raiding Party

Now, I’ve just had a long, hard look at my calendar for the next month (aka December, aka the end of the year, aka the craziest time of the year) and there’s not a weekend that doesn’t have some event going on at least 1 if not both weekend days. And dome Friday nights, for that matter.

That said, I’m going to be bold (read as: optimistic to the point of stupid) and state that my goal is to finish the remaining 20 pages of inking by New Years Eve. On paper (hah!) this is totally doable. And I’m definitely at the point where I am ready for this to just be done already.

But will these last 20 pages finish the book? Yeah, no.

While at Mom’s on Saturday as my siblings, Todd and Aunt Marie (Ms. Fix-it) participated in replacing a section of my mother’s walls and her front door to fix what was supposed to be just one little bit of mush drywall, I made a list of what-all else needs to be done before the book is.

It’s still a lot, but there’s no one big chunk (other than layout, which I have plans as to how to streamline that part) that’s quite as difficult as the 90 pages of comics. There’s still drawing (each chapter has it’s own “cover”, the real cover, spot illos and techniques), a little more recipe analysis (yes, I know I haven’t updated that number in a while, there’s a reason), and then all the fiddly formatting bits.

But very soon I hope to be able to print out a massive proof-copy of what I’ve got so far, just so I can put my hands on a draft of it and make notes here and there and figure out how this is all going to fit together. I know we’ve got computers for that, but there are some things that paper and pen are best for.

Until next time!

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