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A Little Bit Closer

So far, this month, getting my 3-a-day pages done the first weekend is one of the few things that’s gone as planned. I know it’s only the 7th and we’ve got 24 days left in this month (and the year–holy carp!) but so far December is beating me up.

I think I felt this way about October, too. Maybe it’s just an every-other-month thing.

But! Enough grousing out of me, for I have good news, too:

84% Inked Pages

Ta-daa! We’re 14 pages away from having a major segment of the book complete. Yay me! Yay us!

Other than that, there really hasn’t been time for much else. And rather than blather on about my pet peeve of people appropriating the word “chef” for non-food-related endeavors (seated, I’m sure, in the bitterness that stems not from my culinary school education but in the massive student loan that still exists which, sometimes, seems like all I have the show for it), I think we’ll just end here.

84%… not bad! And we’ve got our 2nd D&D game this coming weekend. Whee!

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