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Sound Those Trumpets!

Silhouette of a man playing the bugle against the light sky

Because we’ve got some big news:

***100% INKED!!!***

Yes, you read that correctly: all 90 pages of comics for What to Feed Your Raiding Party are inked, scanned and have had preliminary digital clean-up done. I pushed myself to do 4 pages each this past Saturday and Sunday so I wouldn’t have to do the final 2 pages over the holiday weekend.

Oh, but that’s not all!

92% Analyzed Recipes

Oh yes, my friends, I even squeezed in some time during the week to do some drudge-work data entry. We’re up to 69 of the minimum 75 recipes (well, okay, the minimum number of recipes for the book was 50–10 per chapter–but I tested around 90 so we’ve made the new minimum 75; I don’t think anyone’s going to complain, do you?) and I was able to track down the notes–well, titles at least–of the missing recipes from my note cards. Some will need to be re-created but that’s okay. It’s my week to cook between Christmas and New Years, so those missing links will get sorted out in due course.

So what’s left? Oh, a lot.

I think I mentioned some of it before but the short list looks something like this:

  • draw the “covers” for the 5 chapters
  • print master copy of comics & recipes and decide on general flow
  • rank recipes for skill and XP and all that other fun stuff
  • decide what techniques need to be illustrated and where each’ll go in the flow
  • draw said illustrated techniques
  • design templates for ingredient charts, page layouts, etc.
  • identify and produce needed spot illustrations
  • write/edit introductory bits and general help sections (*this has been started*)
  • design the outside cover
  • layout the whole kit and kaboodle
  • edit Index (this part’s gonna suck, but I think my recipe software is going to help with the basics *crosses fingers*)

So, yeah, a lot but not nearly as much as before when there was all that AND all of what I’ve already done.

Setting a deadline at this point is just asking for trouble, but I’m fairly confident that it’ll be sometime in the first quarter of 2012. When I have a better handle on exactly when it’s going to be ready I’ll open up pre-orders so those of you who’ve hung with me this far can get yours at a discount (and I can start planning things like launch parties and convention appearances).

We’re getting so very close!!!

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