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Off to a Gripping Start!

Not even a full week into the new year and already I’m feeling more than a little accomplished. As intended, I was able to recreate most of the missing dishes (though they still need to be entered–it’s on this week’s list!) and draw, ink and scan all five of the chapter covers! Wohoo!

Granted, I’ve still no clue as to what the outside front cover is going to look like, but hopefully it’ll come to me before too long.

In the mean time, I’m hoping to get those straggler recipes entered, the first proof printed and get the nit-picky organizational bits done. From that “short list” I typed up 2 weeks ago, that looks like:

  • print master copy of comics & recipes and decide on general flow
  • rank recipes for skill and XP and all that other fun stuff
  • decide what techniques need to be illustrated and where each’ll go in the flow

Other than that, I’ve been wondering more and more, now that I have gotten used to (and love!) my Kindle Touch, would anyone be interested in a pdf-style e-book of What to Feed Your Raiding Party? I could do the pdf version myself, a Kindle-formatted version might be a little trickier and require outside services (just thinking out loud, here), and would almost certainly need some manner of reformatting to work best on the smaller screens, but I’m willing to entertain the notion if folks are interested.

Until next week!

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