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It Grew!

So. Even though I still have a few more recipes to get entered I was kinda going a little nuts over the fact that I had so much work done and nothing to show for it. Plus, there’s all these little things that still need to be done or drawn but it’s all so vague without going through the book’s pieces page by page.

Tonight the tangible bits of the book went from this:

to this:

It grew! And let me tell you that those two suckers together are HEAVY. Like lift-with-your-knees heavy. Now I have all of the recipes printed out in draft copies, chapters placed with their preceding comics and little tables of content for each. Holy cats, y’all, that’s a lot of pages! (95 of comics, 90 of recipes). Granted, that doesn’t mean the book’s going to be 185 pages… Well, maybe it does. Actually, I think it’s going to go over 200 by the time I add in everything else that needs to be in there.


Now, truth time. I could slap these pages into a design document, add a cover and a full index and send it to the printer and call it done. Only thing is, it wouldn’t be (much) different than any other book out there. It wouldn’t be what I promised What to Feed Your Raiding Party would be. And it wouldn’t be the book I’d want my name on forever and ever.

So I’ve still got some work to do, obviously, but with the drafts printed out I feel SO much better about the progress I’ve made.

Now, about this week’s game.

The first session we had massive ants blocking our path. The second session we had massive scorpions coming out of the woodwork (literally). And there are these evil-intented imps hiding in the walls and hanging from chandeliers gunning for us so much that the party is totally paranoid. This week we had more “fun” with the imps and then–THEN–walked right into a giant wasps nest in the third floor of this dilapidated mansion.


We made it out alive (barely, in the case of one of our members), but now we have to go back because our thief found an underground something or other that requires further investigation. And potentially backup.

But what did we eat?

It was our single guy gamer’s “turn” to provide the nibbles and, for all his worries about stacking up to Lys (whose mother was a caterer) and I, he turned it out pretty doggone good! It doesn’t hurt, apparently, that SGG has a new lady in his life and she’s very much into healthy foods. So he brought a bunch of fresh veggies with ranch as well as sesame dip, chips and salsa verde, peel and eat shrimp and little smokies in a small slow-cooker. He did good!

For dinner though, we decided to get sandwiches from the recently opened Jimmy John’s in our neighborhood. See? I’m not totally against take-out, I just don’t think it should be an every day–or every game–occurrence. Of course, there’s something to be said about the quality of the take-out and I consider Jimmy John’s to be pretty high-up on the list of safe spots for quick eats. (I love their Beach Club–it’s amazing!)

Next time we’ve decided to do a true pot luck supper, so we’ll see how that turns out.

Until next time! (I’ve got some lists to make!)

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