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Just Me and the Binders

Now that we’re into the real nitty gritty of book production, my time spent working on the book consists of flipping through each recipe, making notes on an evaluation sheet I designed (it was that or mass quantities of Post It notes… this is the better option, I think, even if it did take an evening to design).

These notes include a space for the different ingredient quantities, what illustration each will need, if there’s a specific technique involved that could use it’s own illustration, any sidebar information, all the equipment or tools needed for the recipe (this will come into play later) and what skill level and XP the recipe will carry. Then I just slip them into the page protector with the recipe and move on to the next one.

Evaluation Sheet

I still haven’t figured out my formula for XP per recipe, but as I get the rest of the slots filled in, chapter by chapter, a rubric should present itself. Why is XP important? Oh, just wait and see, my friends, just wait and see. *evil DM laugh*

My working plan (all things subject to change, as usual) is to work on a chapter at a time with the eval sheets, then do the techniques and spot illustrations in batches. Since many of the latter will be small, I can gang them all up in my sketchbook, scan them together and then break them apart in PhotoShop. I did something similar this week for 4 illustrations for 2 of my other blogs and got them all done in just a few hours (and that included coloring 3 of the 4, which won’t be an issue with these).

And with that, I’m off to finish evaluating chapter 1.

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