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Drawing Vegetables Shouldn’t Be This Much Fun

But it is!

One of the things I was very much looking forward to, when planning out What to Feed Your Raiding Party, was the illustrated techniques. Drawing food is fun. I have no idea why, but it is.

So far I’ve got Chapter 1 all sketched (inks and scanning left to do) and Chapter 2 edited and the techniques drawn. Still have a dozen or so spot illustrations, and then the other 3 chapters to go. My soft-and-squishy deadline of a 1st-quarter launch is still sounding doable. Right on!

I’ve got to head out of town on Saturday, but only for the day. It’s my first meeting with the rest of the ImagiCon staff (I’m heading up Registration), so I’m looking forward to it. You know what 6 hours in a car means? Prime drawing time, ladies and gents! Providing I don’t fall asleep, lol.

But I even have a book light that I can use on the way home if it gets dark, so I’m being hopeful.

Until next time…

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