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Where Did That Wall Come From?!

Okay, so maybe it was only a fence, truth be told, but it did get in my way, just the same.

First things first: all of the (listed) spot illustrations for the entire book are completed, inked and scanned. There will be others needed, I know, but I’d say we’re close enough to call it and move on to the next parts.

The website got some spiffing up, too (for those who read via RSS, email or Facebook and may not have noticed, yet) and the spiffing will make it much easier for me to build that behind-the-scenes stuff I was hinting about.

So that’s good.

I still need to clean up the scans, and separate the individual illustrations (there are a total of 72 spread over 25 pages) into their own nice and happy files to facilitate the layout.

Layout’s the big bugbear ahead of me, though I’m actually looking forward to tackling it. Because once the layout begins, that means I’m almost finished with this leg of the project, and almost finished is always good in my book!

Truth be told, I’m feeling sapped right now (hence the wall/fence/stumbling block allusion above) between the server issues this weekend that knocked out all of my sites for 3 days, life stuff in general and more stuff relating to the day-job. So as soon as I get this post finished up, I’m going to hibernate for the night and count on feeling refreshed and renewed by this weekend so I can spend some quality time crossing my eyes at the computer screen.

Just kidding, my eyes are incapable of crossing.

But there will be staring. And squinting. And wondering just how many nths of a degree that one image needs to be nudged to be perfectly straight.

Ahhh, the glamorous life of the self publisher!

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