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Tale of a Late-Blooming Gamer

While visiting with an old friend a couple weeks ago I used the phrase “gamer-adjacent” to describe myself up until recently. I was fringe, support staff–though I’d stop short of being called a groupie.

Thing is, I wanted to play ages ago, but no one ever let me in.

It all started in back in, what, middle school, when some of the guys in my gifted class would hang out before the first bell with their books and character sheets and graphs and who knows what else. I was genuinely curious when I asked about it, but was told, basically, ‘you wouldn’t like it, you’re too much of a girl.’

At least one of those guys might be reading this via Facebook so I’ll leave out further incriminating evidence.

You know who you were.

A lot of thirty-something men are wondering if they were that clueless back then. If you have to ask? Chances are good that you were. But that’s okay, we all were a little clueless back then. It’s part of growing up.

When I was finishing my Culinary degree, it turned out one of the executive chefs and his wife ran weekend-long campaigns from time to time. He told me some verrry interesting stories, but never invited me to try it.

A few years later I actually got to observe a few games (thanks to signing up for another group that friends had been in but never invited me to participate), but it was a big group and while a peanut gallery of hangers on were okay, a newbie wasn’t really on their wish list.

My curiosity about RPGs lasted, unrequited as it were, for over 20 years.

Finally, I got to play. And I may not be great at the role playing bits, I’m getting the hang of it, and really enjoying it.

Of course, our games are on a bit of a hiatus while a couple of players deal with the inevitable real life, but we’ll get back to it sooner or later.

And the Sundays off give me more time, this month at least, to kick butt on the to-do list of doom that surrounds the finishing of this book.

Even if I hadn’t gotten the chance to actually participate in a game, though, I still would have written this book. Regardless of my status of gamer staying current of becoming past tense, I’ll always be surrounded by gamers. You don’t have to be a gamer to get the jokes, but it helps. And you don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy What to Feed Your Raiding Party, though it’ll help, there, too.

This isn’t meant to be a poor, poor, pitiful me, post. More of an eventually-you-get-tired-of-waiting-for-an-invitation-and-muscle-your-way-in thing. Being active instead of being passive.

Writing this book, though it’s taken over 2 years and been subject to many pauses along the way, is definitely being active instead of passive.

And I can’t wait to see it in print!

Soon, folks, very soon!

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