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Introductions… Jud Meets Ami

Since y’all have been such good sports, hanging with me these past 2 years while I worked on the book, I thought it’d be nice to formally introduce you to the comics inside.

I don’t want to give TOO much away, of course, so this week, starting today and going through Sunday, I’ll be posting the Introductions chapter (which just happens to be 6 pages long).

Here’s your first look!

Introductions, Page 1, What to Feed Your Raiding Party, Copyright 2012 Jennifer "Scraps" Walker

I should probably state, right up front, that these characters were based on no one in particular. They are composites of people I’ve met, personality-wise, and the rest is straight from my brain and whatever came out of my fingertips. Any likeness to persons living, dead, famous or infamous was strictly coincidental.

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