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Are you enjoying the sneak peak you’re getting of this Introductions comic? I’m happy to be able to share them, the finished product, while I work on the nuts and bolts of the book.

Speaking of the nuts and bolts, I spent most of the past weekend, as promised, squinting at the computer screen resizing and editing and labeling and captioning the illustrations for the book. The grand total?

  • 20 full-page techniques
  • 53 spot illustrations

And then, on Monday night, I made (and tweeted about) the last recipe that needed tweaking for the book!

Or so I thought.

I then remembered that I still have 2 beverages to finalize for the last chapter, but that will be taken care of this weekend!

I also managed to get Scribus, the open-source layout software, updated and a font made of my handwriting so I could edit some of the illustration text and have it look more organic.

All in all, I’m feeling pretty good.

Now I’m off to enter a few straggler recipes (including the one from Monday night) and check some of the ingredient math on others.

Until next time!

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