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7 Top Tools | Tongs

This week I thought I’d share a few of my favorite kitchen tools. Some are super simple, everyday objects and others are more specialized tools, but I’d be hard-pressed to spend much time in my kitchen without them.

Today, we’re going with an easy one: Tongs.

Many basic kitchen sets come with the scissor-style tongs.

These are great for picking up ears of corn from boiling water or grabbing a canning jar, but I find them awkward for most day-to-day uses. They tend to be very long and don’t tend to give a good grip.

Which is why I like the metal ones with the oval, clam-shell-style ends.

These come in small and large sizes, some have nice grips on the sides and many have some sort of locking mechanism on the handle that will keep the tongs closed when not in use. Beware, though, the ones with the metal ring lock can catch when you’re in the middle of using them and, if you’re in a hurry, can be a bit frustrating; go for the slide-lock styles and you won’t have to worry about that.

And if you use any non-stick pots or pans, you’re going to really want a pair (or two) with the silicone grabby ends to prevent scratching the non-stick coating. I don’t care what the maker promises, coatings can come loose and scratching them is never a good thing.

Tongs are great for both cooking and serving food. Being able to grab something in their pinchers is often so much more efficient than trying to spoon out the food or use a fork.

I have several pairs and styles of the metal tongs, some plastic ones for buffet serving at parties, and even some very tiny tongs that are just the right size for picking up slices of deli meat or cheeses from a sandwich buffet.

They also happen to be perfect tools for eating Cheetos without getting the orange powder all over your fingertips.

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