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7 Top Tools | Immersion Blender

Oh, how I love my immersion blender.

Back in school, these were one of the mac-daddy appliances that just made cooking so. damn. cool.

Before immersion blenders were all that popular, the Burr blender was awesome for making pureed soups without leaving the pot–as long as you’ve got enough cord to reach, of course.

Granted, anything restaurant grade is going to be quite pricey for the home cook. Luckily for us, many tools have become much more commonplace and you can get a nice immersion blender for well under $50.

We eat soup for a lot of suppers, doesn’t really matter what time of year it is, and the immersion blender means we don’t have to try and pour soup into the blender or make several trips back and forth if it’s a large batch. It also comes in hand for making the various dips and spreads I like to serve at parties–I can put all the ingredients into a 1 quart container (like the ones soup comes in from Chinese takeout), blend it all together in there, pop the lid on and put it in the fridge.

A careful rinse under hot running water and I’m ready for the next batch!

Some blenders come with different attachments (Todd’s has the regular blender bit, a whisk and a milk frother) but this is one tool I don’t require to pull double-duty. I get enough use out of it’s single function that I have no regrets about the tiny amount of space it takes up.

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