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Crunching Numbers

A fitting start considering it is Pi Day, and all.

Due to some unforseen curveballs this past week, pages have yet to coalesce for Raiding Party just yet. However! It was the perfect time to do some rather banal but important number crunching and stats of the books contents. This will come in handy a little later on, so it still counts as progress.

Because I really need it to count as progress, you know?

That and I cleaned my office this weekend (another banal task that needed to be done and took as little brainpower as possible, so good on both fronts) so the office is way more conducive to actual work, now. Again, good things.

My print plans may be changing (the how and where, that is), but never fear, this book will see print even if I have to go full-on POD to make it happen.

Curveballs suck.

I was never good at baseball.

I hope you enjoyed last week’s preview of the first 6 comics pages and this weeks tour of useful kitchen tools. If you’ve got any questions about any of them, by all means, leave a comment or email me!

Our 7 Top Tools feature will finish out this week and I hope to have more fun and useful stuff on board for next week, too.


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