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7 Top Tools | the Mandolin

Before you think to yourself, “mandolin’s are so 10 years ago, it’s all about the¬†ukulele¬†now,” I’m not talking about this mandolin in the kitchen

I’m talking about this kind of mandolin for the kitchen

Ooooh…. shiny!

The stainless steel mandolin was another one of those wow tools at Culinary School, and they came with a wow price, too.

Thankfully, just like the immersion blenders, there are all manner of styles and price-points available in the kitchen mandolin market.

Sure, a knife takes up far less space and is just as versatile, but when you’ve got to slice oodles of onions, sweet potatoes, carrots and zucchini, you’re going to be happy to have one of these handy. Ours gets plenty of use every month and is has for years.

Know what else?

Ours is one of the $15ish As Seen on TV types that I picked up in a kitchen shop in an outlet mall many years ago.

For real.

So you don’t have to spend $150-$250 dollars unless you’re just really want the shinyness up there. The economy model with a couple of different blade options will treat you just fine.

(Disclaimer: blah blah blah… Amazon affiliate links… blah blah blah… pennies on the dollar… offset hosting costs, etc. You know the drill, click if you wanna.)

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