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7 Top Tools | Adjustable Measuring Spoons

Sometimes it really is the little things that make being in the kitchen that much easier.

Measuring cups tend to be big, hard to miss items that stand out in even the most cluttered kitchen drawer. Measuring spoons, on other hand, tend to be small and easily misplaced, and then you find yourself wondering how the hell much is an eighth of a teaspoon?!

Which is why I really love these little guys:

What’s neat about them is that they work for both dry and wet (well, if you’re careful) and they don’t get lost nearly as easily as the individual spoons. The teaspoon measure goes from 1/8 t to 1 t and the Tablespoon measure goes from 1 t (aka 1/3 T) to 1T, in 1/2 teaspoon increments.

I think I got mine as a gift with purchase something like 14 years ago and even with constant use they still work great. I have a 2nd Tablespoon measure than was a giveaway from the Bullseye Barbecue company at a food show or something and it does help to have 2 of them for the busy nights in the kitchen.

And it wasn’t 2 weeks ago that a friend was standing in my kitchen lamenting that she didn’t have a 1/8 t measuring spoon. Seriously, get these or something like them and make life so much easier on yourself.

(Why, yes, the linked image up there IS an Amazon affiliate link, thanks for asking!)

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