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7 Top Tools | Bag Clips

No, I haven’t run out of ideas, these little life-savers were some of the first things I thought of for this series but I put them at the end–well, I don’t know why, that’s just where the fell.

One of the biggest risks in food preparation is spoilage. Not only can spoiled food make you sick, it wastes money and creates extra garbage–nothing good about any of those scenarios! And even if the food doesn’t actually go bad, excess air in packaging can cause food to go stale, and then it’s just not very tasty.

Which is why these clips are so popular and practical.

If you’ve ever been to a Tupperware or Pampered Chef party, you may have seen them given out as prizes or received one yourself. You can get 10 (in 3 sizes) from Pampered Chef for $5.50, 27 for 0 from Amazon, or (and the best bet, I’ve gotten two sets of these over the years) 30 of them from IKEA for $2.99. If you have an IKEA in your city, that is.

We use them on everything from bags of chips to bags of flour and sugar, to seal a bag of veggies in the fridge or keep a packet of dried fruit sealed tight. I’ve even used them in my craft room to keep bags of beads or findings from spilling all over the place.

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