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Friends of the Raiding Party: Happy Jacks RPG Podcast

Back when I was just floating this idea out into the universe via the Kickstarter, I did something very brave (for me!) and approached several sets of strangers to ask if they’d like me to come on their podcasts and talk about the project.

Bravery is often rewarded, folks, and three of the groups I reached out to took my hand.

One of them was Happy Jacks RPG.

It’s worth mentioning that I’d never listened to any of their shows before asking to be on it. But 2+ years later and I’m still listening.

Part of it, I figured, was continued research.

Part of it, though, is just plain fun.

It doesn’t matter that they prefer beer and I prefer wine. It doesn’t matter that for most of those 2+ years I was still in my gamer-adjacent mode.

The jokes are funny. The music (did you know they’re also the folks behind the Poxy Boggards?) is pretty awesome. And the game-talk is a really great way to learn more about more systems than you realize you needed to know about.

But back to the music for a moment.

Most of the podcast episodes start with one version or another of Laser Printed Hero. Which is a pretty awesome song about D&D characters. And while it’s tough to say one is better than another, ever since I actually started to game and made some truly horrible rolls, I Storked It makes so much sense and runs through my mind almost every. single. game.

If you’ve not heard these or their other charming ditties, you’re in luck. While I do most earnestly suggest you check out their podcast episodes, for a quicker fix you can find the gaming songs on the album “Let Me Tell You About My Character” by the Angryfolk Band over on cdbaby (or search for it on iTunes). The Poxy Boggards specialize in drinking songs and bawdiness and just released their newest album “Wish You Were Beer” on the 17th of this month. And if you prefer the sounds of lovely, lilting ladies, The Merry Wives of Windsor have a number of catchy tunes to their name.

Oh, and I should probably add that there’s strong language all over the place. Just in case there are delicate ears around.

And not a damn link in this post was an affiliate link!

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