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Friends of the Raiding Party: RPG Circus

In those early days of What to Feed Your Raiding Party, another podcast that took up the cause was RPG Circus.

Now these guys may not have the soundtrack of Happy Jacks, but where the latter has a way with ribaldry, the hosts of the “Greatest Show in Gaming” present gaming news and issues with sincerity and thoughtfulness. It’s really a nice pairing if you look at it that way.

And bless their hearts, they remember me! I was astounded to hear my little project mentioned a few episodes back in that “man, I wish that project had been funded” sort of way. They’ve actually started their more recent podcasts by highlighting worthy Kickstarter projects in the opening New section.

Which makes them incredibly cool in the eyes of the Raiding Party.

The Bone Scroll, the blog of host-Jeff, is also worth a look-see for more of the same sort of in-depth looks into gaming products, practices and habits.

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