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And This is Why Printed Books Win…

Did you notice the site was down, again, this weekend?

Not a server failure, this time, but a no-good, dirty, rotten, scoundrel of a hack that invaded my sites (all of ’em) with junk sites that made me look like a server-hog to my host who then locked down the sites and my account for 3 days.

It wasn’t pretty.

Now we’re back and things are better, for the most part. I’ve got a lot of work to do to keep this from happening again and I’ve been transferring files and deleting old stuff and unused themes and plugins to basically put out the not-welcome mat for the scum-sucking oxygen thieves that get their jollies from messing with other people’s property.

That said, with no access to my sites this weekend I DID manage to get half the tables put together for Raiding Party. Each of the core recipes needs both an ingredient table as well as a nutritional table, so we’re talking 150 of those bad-boys. I hope to be able to finish this part of the process this coming weekend–though I admit that it somewhat depends on how wiped-out I am after the parade on Saturday.

In fact, I just got home from band practice a little while ago. “Band practice” makes it sound a lot more prestigious than it is, really. It’s tons of fun, though! We’re a bunch of former band geeks playing in a community marching band sponsored by our local game shop/soda fountain/ice cream & candy shop.

And when I say bunch, there’s like 8 or 9 of us for Saturday’s parade.

But we’re playing “I Want Candy” and get to wear funny hats.

You can’t really argue with that.

ETA: So I got totally off-track (surprise!) and forgot to make my point about why What to Feed Your Raiding Party *must* be in dead-tree format!

See, the Internet is a great thing, and websites are awesome, but all it takes is one no-good-nik to go mucking with things and this resource could be temporarily unavailable. Power’s out? No Raiding Party for you. But a book? A real, live, printed version of something? That’s got permanence. It doesn’t need to be plugged in or downloaded, it’s just there.

And if you’re copy is misplaced, someone else will have one.

It’s just that simple.

Next month, folks, I’ve got a really good feeling about April!

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