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One Chunk Closer!

That would be my oh-so-scientific unit of measurement when it comes to progress on the book.

As expected, the parade and fun stuff wore. us. out. on Saturday. So much so that when we finally got home and sat down for a moment it was instant naptime, just add couch. Just after 9pm I woke up and decided to be semi-productive til about 4 am–it’s a wonder Sunday was anything close to normal.

But normal or not, the rest of the tables have been created, now I just need to convert them to eps files so they’ll play nice with Scribus. Progress!

No matter how you measure it.

And since I’ve got a few hours tonight, I’m going to get started on those conversions now.

If I can get them done this week, maybe once the family leaves after our Easter-Eve supper I can do the final tidying of the comics pages (some need minor straightening, they all need to be cropped uniformly and a few need a little more digital clean-up than the initial layers fix provided.

Until next time!

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