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My Next Update Will Have a Page Count!

It’ll be like NaNoWriMo or ScriptFrenzy! all over again! Only, you know, instead of hurtling through a massive project in 30 days I’ve done it in *ahem* 2 years and 3 months.

But I’m hardly despairing, because, you see, in the space of the last week not only have I

  • converted 150 spreadsheet charts to eps files, and
  • cleaned up and re-sized 95 pages of comics

I’ve also managed to receive news of, recover from, and find a workable alternative to the platform that was going to power the 2.0 goodness that is coming once the book is in print and in your hot little hands!

That seems like so very little when it’s written like that, but I swear to you it took a lot more time than it sounds like! As a result of all that effort, I’m totally behind on my DVR (though I’m practically finished with the Netflix rewatch of DS9) and I’ve done nothing with the box of art supplies that landed on my doorstep last week. But that’s okay, because soon, so very soon, this book will be finished and I can take a week or two off. Eventually. Or something like that.

As soon as I can get a grasp on the rate of page-creation-goodness I’ll be better able to answer the “when can we order it” question some fine, fine folks have been asking. Until then, let’s just go with soon.

Tonight I’ll work on the Introduction wordy bits so that this weekend I can start the nuts-and-bolts page layout. I’ll still be posting a weekly update, here, but I’ve also been giving little brief progress reports over on the Facebook Fan page, so you might want to follow along there, too, so you can watch the page counts rise.

Now, if I could just figure out the @#$%^& cover!

Oh, well, it’ll come to me.


If you’re in the Tallahassee Area, consider checking out the Great American Bake Sale, April 28th, 2012, at the Market Square Farmer’s Market. Team Helper Monkey! will be selling delectable treats to help Share Our Strength fight childhood hunger (part of the No Kid Hungry campaign).

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