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24 of a Probable 200

Or, in other words, the introduction is all-but finished being laid out and, yes, all the required book elements stretched that bad-boy out to 24 pages so far!

I figure there’s an excellent chance we’ll meet that 200 page mark (if not exceed it). With 95 pages of comics and 20 full-page techniques, that’s half of it right there. And you figure each recipe (77 of them, there are, plus supplemental bits) is going to have at least it’s own page, maybe 2 for some of the longer ones? Yeah, we’ve got a 200 page book easily.

Based on 200 pages, I’m 12% “done.” I think I like the sound of 24 outta 200 a bit better.

Of course, even once it’s laid out completely I’ve still got to do another edit, make sure everything transferred over okay and that I didn’t screw something up from point A to point B. But we’re about to be a lot closer!

Super-huge thanks go out to the denizens of The Unique Geek. I put out a call for beta readers for the wordy intro bits and they came through like champs. Thanks, guys!

And in other news: we’re getting the game back together! Yes, I know I’ll have to work extra-hard on Saturday so I can stay in and play on Sunday, but our game’s been on hold since late January–it’ll be good to get back into the swing of things!

Okay, until next time, when the number in the title will be even bigger!

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