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180 of a Probable 250

Quite the jump there, yes?

If you’ve been following along on the Facebook Fan Page, you’ve watched the page total rise slowly but surely as the week has gone on. Major increases happen whenever I get to a section that all comics, but I’ve gotten progressively quicker laying out the recipe pages, too.

There was an early fight with the concept of Master Pages, some fiddling with appropriate placement of page numbers that had me flipping through a third of my cookbook bookcase before reaching a consensus, and much deliberation over the placement of page elements in the early stages, but once I got those kinks ironed out, it’s been balls-to-the-wall ever since.

Obviously. Since I’ve done 156 pages in a week’s time.

That said, we should be close to the end of the layout process by the next update (the evil Index awaits–the cookbook program didn’t really help on that one, after all) and in the it’s-about-time sector I finally have a clue about the cover design. It was a somewhat surreal command to my muse that made things click, but whatever, now I can get that working, too!

And none too soon, since I had a sit-down with the printer that will be handling these babies and, folks, everything is looking very good. Very, very good.

Oh, yeah, we gamed on Sunday, too!

Finally we got our own raiding party back together and managed to finish the campaign we started back in November. It was pretty awesome if you ignore that 3 of the 4 of us failed a saving throw and ended up cowering in the corner for several rounds while our thief was battling the Big Bad and his never-ending stream of massive minions. Right about the time he ran out of hit points we were able to work our way back across the room to “help”, only to have Vellora (that would be my 3rd-level Squire) spelled AGAIN and start taking swipes at my own guys. Thankfully my dice knew something was wrong and they rolled horribly. The one time I’m thankful for that.

We took the last wizard standing as a hostage, high-tailed it outta there and back to the guard-post where we found out we’d blundered into capturing our target, for which Sir Justin rewarded us handsomely. Handsomely enough to where my AC is going from a  6 to a 2 with some new armor, a third weapon and some barding for my horse while I’m at it!

The only downside is that I’m a measly 120 XP from a 4th level Squire. Providing I don’t die on whatever next mission Sir Justin has for us, I’ll be sure to level up then, but it kinda sucks to be so close and yet so far away, too.

But what did we eat?

One of these days I’m going to remember my status as a blogger and take some #$%#$^ photos of  the food at our game nights. I decided I was craving burgers, so we provided those, too many toppings to name, and the Redskin Potato Salad that will be in the cookbook. Our not-so-single-anymore guy gamer brought desserts and our other couple brought salad and nibbles galore.

Of course, all these happy fun times did not come without a price. On Monday I had to admit defeat and haul myself to the doctor. I’m not outright blaming the book, but too many nights owl-eyed in front of the laptop until way passed my bedtime certainly didn’t help my body’s defenses any more than the studded leather armor protected me from those lizard-thing claws in one of the caves.

Nothing major, certainly nothing catching, but 10 days of 4-a-day antibiotics are necessary. Bother. At least this week is Todd’s week to cook, giving me more time to stare at the computer during normal waking hours and a prayers chance of getting to bed at a decent hour. At least until tomorrow when I have to start getting stuff together for the Bake Sale on Saturday.

Until next time…

One thought on “180 of a Probable 250

  1. Lyss says:

    Feel better A.S.A.P. (because you have a lot of work to do…gee, I’m sooo helpful! ;)) but I *can help* if you need me to, just holler. 🙂


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