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228 of a Probable 250

I know 48 pages doesn’t seem like much of a jump compared to last week’s progress, but those 48 pages were hard-won and it still puts us at 91.2% complete, which is nothing to sneeze at!

Thursday evening through all day Saturday were taken up by the Bake Sale; be it in preparation, execution, or recovery. The amazing thing is that we raised $216 for Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign and I”m super proud of everyone that took part in that.

Sunday I did get some pages done–wrapped up Chapter 4 and got all the Chapter 5 comics in place before turning in for the night.

Monday was my birthday and I hope you won’t be too disappointed that I let Todd take me out for a decadent dinner at the Melting Pot and then relaxed for the remainder of the evening. After such a hectic week and weekend I figured I was due. At least a little.

Tuesday was back to the usual grind but a rushy-rushy illustration order came in, so my time was admittedly split. Sketches were done last night and sent off and I managed to get about halfway through the Chapter 5 recipes while on a Skype call with a business buddy.

Multitasking, I does it.

The illustration is fairly straightforward, though, and should require very little post-production tonight, so even though I’m going to post this update before the night’s out, I am hoping to get a few more recipes for Chapter 5 laid out once I get the files and invoice sent off to my customer. You other freelancers know how it goes: paying work comes first.

I also had band practice tonight because this Saturday, instead of doing the Free Comic Book Day thing–I swear, one of these days I’m going to be prepared for that!–I’ll be down in Panacea at the Blue Crab Festival “marching” in their parade with the Lofty Pursuits Community Marching Band.

Nonetheless, I plan on finishing the basic layout by the next update. By the end of this weekend if I can manage! The index is going to be a bit of a bitch to compile but it’s a necessary evil to have a useful index instead of just an alphabetical listing of recipes. Who loves ya, baby? That’s right, I do.

Of course, the further I get the more I see that still needs to be done. At some point I’m going to have to call it, say “enough”, but there are some holes to fill, some illustrations that I’d done in good faith that just aren’t going to fit, and some elements that need to be created. Nothing major, thankfully, but that’s probably going to add another week to the editing phase. At least the lion’s share is done!

So that’s it for me for tonight. I’m going to go finish formatting the illustration files and get those sent off and see if I can’t get a few pages done before I fall asleep at the laptop.

Until next time!

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