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I’ve Got it Covered

If you’ve been paying attention to the Facebook Fan Page (have you liked us, yet?)¬†you already know both my pieces of big news.

First: Monday morning I turned in the files for the front and back covers to the printer. Not only that, but before the day was half-over I’d already approved the proof. And it looked amazing!

Wanna see something of what this book will look like on the shelf? I thought you’d never ask!

What to Feed Your Raiding Party front cover

Which brings me to my second bit of news:

Pre-Orders are OPEN!

I’m doing my damnedest to get the text edited within the next 2 weeks and handed over to the printer, so I finally felt okay enough about this getting done to let you guys go ahead and order them!

I announced this on the fan page in the wee, small hours of Tuesday morning, and had a couple of brave souls manage to put in their orders.

Can I just say that online shopping carts might just be the tool of the devil?

First it was just going to be simple PayPal buttons, but there was nothing “simple” about what I needed to do. So then I switched to a WordPress plugin that seemed to do everything I needed (after several fits and starts and some choice words hurled at the screen), so that’s what I announced.

And then, Tuesday morning, the errors started. Some were totally my fault (for instance, I didn’t realize the shipping profiles I’d set up for the cart buttons would be put in place for ANY items ordered from my PayPal account–oops!). Others were typos in the code. Then there was just some altogether oddness that made me look at a 3rd party program.

Um, yeah, ZenCart is not so Zen if you ask me.

The long and the short of it is that if you click on the Pre-Order tab on the website (or the link, there, for you feed readers), you’ll be able to pre-order your very own copy of What to Feed Your Raiding Party. I expect pre-orders to stay open until Memorial Day weekend (maybe longer, depending on the printer’s schedule), but basically until I’ve got the copies in my hands. Books will start going out as soon as I get them and, for the Artist’s Editions, get them sketched. I’ll keep you posted.

There are options for Regular Editions (signed) and Artist’s Editions (signed and sketched), saving $5 and $10, respectively, over the cover price until the pre-order period ends. After you’ve chosen your Edition(s), click the link in the text to bring you to the shipping options page. This is my work-around over a sluggish fixed-rate shipping system that came with the plugin. After that, use the “Checkout” link in the sidebar cart widget to complete your order. I accept both PayPal and Google Checkout (the latter has just been activiated after fixing a glitch, let me know if something doesn’t work right), but if you prefer to pay by check or money order, select the Manual payment option and it’ll give you further instructions.

We’ve learned (the hard, oh-so-very-hard way), that if the system gets hung up (say the page refreshes after clicking Purchase instead of taking you to the payment gateway), continual attempts will not fix it. Clear your cart, refresh the page (F5-refresh if you’re so inclined), and start over. Otherwise you’ll get stuck in a loop. Hopefully I’ve fixed that issue, but I wouldn’t put it passed the gremlins of tech to mess with me some more.

If you have any problems you can leave a message on the Fan Page or email me directly.

Now I’ve got to get back to editing those text pages! (I’m up to page 87 of 260 and 45 of them have change notes! It’s gonna be a long week.)

Wish me luck and spread the word, okay?

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