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And Another Week Down!

You know, I wondered if I should have taken a 2-week blog break just to make sure the book got done this week. But by last Thursday evening I was having major ‘ooh, shiny!’ moments and Saturday was a slog of distractions from one end to the other.

For me, at least, hyper-focus leads to boredom and burnout. The all work and no play makes Scraps something something kinda thing. So even though I spent 2 hours, Monday night, working on a post and project for 64 Arts when I could have been wrapping up the last of the change notes, it was a good 2-hour break from staring at Scribus and hitting the same 5 keys over and over again. Besides, even with those 2 hours elsewhere I still managed another 22% of the change notes that night. So there.

Tuesday night’s goal was to finish up the change notes and create the charts and remaining illustrations needed to fill the holes that are left. Illustrations: check! Just need to be scanned and cleaned up. Charts: 1 more needed. The Index is in place but it looks like it’s going to need 5 pages, not the 4 I’ve allotted (no biggie), and the Glossary is yet to be compiled, but may need more than it’s 2 pages I’ve placeholder-ed it. Again, no biggie. After the glossary is done (I have a list of words to include, gathered during the first pass edit, I just need to wrangle them with their meanings) I’ll only have the Acknowledgements and Bio to write.

All in all, I’m encouraged by my progress. I hope you are, too!

Oh, I was almost a hypocrite this week.


Our local comics shop, Secret Headquarters, is hosting D&D Encounters sessions starting tonight and Todd and I are planning to attend. [Yes, I know the book’s not finished yet! See paragraph 2.] Being that it’s a weeknight and Todd’s office has been demanding some late nights for the past several months, I just figured we’d pick something up for supper rather than cook that night.

And then it hit me: D’oh! Here I was working on a book that, in just so many words, challenges gamers to cook their way out of the fast food dungeon and what was I doing? Yeah, good one, huh?

For the record, I’m not anti-fast food across the board. I’m just against it being the norm rather than the exception. Todd and I have the occasional Fuqit!* Button nights where cooking has zero appeal. We had one of those last week. And, for the record, the Brownie Batter Milkshake at Zaxby’s was not all it’s name claimed it to be. Meh. You’ve been warned.

But the point still stands: there ARE other options, even for hurried nights.

Tonight’s solution is grilled ham & cheese sandwiches. Easy, tasty, and–most of all–fast! I can prep them when I get home and toss them on the griddle when Todd calls to let me know he’s on his way home. If it’s a really late night at the office, they can even be eaten in the car.

Sandwich suppers are fine, of course, but there are other options for busy nights.

The slow cooker is your friend when you need dinner on the table as soon as you walk in the door. Almost any soup or stew can be made in a slow cooker, regardless of the directions given in the original. Salads are another option when a hot soup might be unwelcome (like in the long, hot, summer months to come). Prep the veggies, etc. ahead of time and toss on your favorite toppings.

Sure, some nights a drive-thru might be the best bet for whatever reason, but it doesn’t have to be.

Oh! And speaking of salads. I’ve got a giveaway going on over at Nibbles ‘n Bites for an OXO Good Grips Salad Dressing Shaker. Go. Enter. Maybe you’ll win!


*the Fuqit! button is sorta like the Staples easy! button but, in this case, it’s the one you press when you just don’t give a damn anymore/decree efforts to be enough for the time being. There is a point in every major undertaking when the Fuqit! button comes into play.

2 thoughts on “And Another Week Down!

  1. Luke says:

    My wife and I both work full time, and we have two kids. We don’t get home until around 6 every night, and by 6:30 the little ones want their dinner. One technique we have begun using is to prep food for the week on Sunday, and then just finish it off quickly during the week so that it’s not a “dead sprint” to get dinner on the table every night.

    Now, the way we do it is fairly extreme — cooking several meals worth of meats on Sunday then using them up as the week goes by — but a less severe variation when you know time is going to be tight during the work week can be useful. Make a pot of pasta sauce on Sunday, and then boil the pasta during the week, for instance. Grill chicken breasts and have them ready for a quick toss in a salad for a wrap (salmon works well for this one too) or chop up some lettuce, tomato, and cheese for chicken tacos (or ground beef, if you prefer).

    And of course, meatless or dairy meals can be a lifesaver. Doesn’t take much time to throw together an omlette or scrambled eggs, and it can be a good chance to maybe use up some leftovers as well.

    I think your cookbook is a great idea and I will be preordering it. Keep up the great work!

    • Profile photo of Jennifer "Scraps" Walker
      Jennifer "Scraps" Walker says:

      Luke, Absolutely! Pre-planning and prepping or pre-cooking is an excellent strategy for busy week nights. I know of some families that spend 1 weekend a month cooking everything they’ll need for the next 4 weeks or so and freezing it for their own convenience meals. I’m not sure I’d go that far, myself, but if it works, it works.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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