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The Wait Begins

So, after many fits and starts and many lost hours of sleep, the text files were turned in to the printer Tuesday morning. As of this writing I have not seen the proof, so I’m not celebrating just yet (there could still be file issues, for instance), but I’ve seen the preliminary schedule and it’s looking good 🙂

Which also means that pre-orders will likely be closing on May 31, 2012. So, you know, if you were waiting for some reason, get in now to get your discounts.

In the mean time, I have a little sneak preview for you guys! Now, a while back I shared the opening comic pages (1,2,3,4,5,6) so you could meet our intrepid band of (mis)adventurers. Or whatever. Now that the book is all laid out and spiffy, I thought I’d share some of the actual pages from the book! Ta-Daa! So, for the next 5 business days (no weekends and probably not Memorial Day because, you know, I’ll be taking this weekend off thank you very much) I’ll be making a page (or 2) of the book available as a pdf right here on this very blog.

Today’s page is from Chapter 1. It’s a Level 4 recipe worth 425 XP (more on that next week) for Roast Pork Egg Rolls and is a pretty good example of your typical recipe page from the book. Today’s page also features a little diagram for wrapping egg rolls for the visual learners among us.

WtFYRP Page 61 Roast Pork Egg Rolls (447)

Make sure you check back tomorrow for something from Chapter 2.

One thought on “The Wait Begins

  1. Bonnie L. Henderson says:

    Hi, my sister Lyn (Lynette) Halter told me about your book. Your egg roll page is cute, I would like to order one, but I do not order anything on-line and I opted out of facebook some time ago. If there is another way to order, please let me know, thanks, blh.

    Admin Edit: Replied off-list.


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