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Go Medieval On Their Plates

Did everyone have a good holiday? I opted to take a much-needed break and just did some fun things around the house, then helped judge a mini-burger challenge on Sunday.

Today’s page preview is a 2-page spread from Chapter 4, Fellowship of the Grill. My Andalusian Lamb has fed intimate gatherings and big groups alike, and is a hit every time. Since it is a tad bit advanced (at least I hope you’re not stuffing a leg of lamb everyday), it comes in at a Skill Level of 5, but will earn you a whopping 550 points for successful completion.

WtFYRP Page 189-90 Andalusian Lamb (424)

On page 2 of this preview (page 190 in the book) I’ve also included a chart of roasting temperatures and times (per pound) for the usual suspects that you might feel like tossing into a hot oven one day. There are more of this sort of chart scattered throughout the book, including a large one in the Appendix for spice usage.

Remember, just 2 more days to order your book at pre-order prices!

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