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Raise Your Glass–The Books Are Coming!

With pre-orders ending tomorrow, you might surmise that the books’ arrival is imminent. Trust me, I hope this is the case just as much (if not more) than you do!

Until then, we’ll just have to console ourselves with another book excerpt, this one from our last (but certainly not least) Chapter 5, The Goodies. There are a handful of beverages in What to Feed Your Raiding Party, some alcoholic, others not. Today’s recipe is one of the alcoholic ones, Cup of the Enchantress. It falls into Skill Level 3 and yields 200 XP. Seeing as it’s entirely alcohol, though, too many of these could have you rolling critical damage in no time.

WtFYRP Page 223 Cup of the Enchantress (501)

And since these sneak peeks have brought us through our normal progress update, let’s come back tomorrow for an end-of-the-month update and some information on exactly why these recipes have XP!

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