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After the Dust Settles

The book is official launched. People have it in their hands.

Oh, hell, now what?!

Well, first things first, I finish getting those pre-orders out. I’ve made serious headway on the Artist Editions and those of you looking for shipping confirmations should have them by the end of the weekend at the latest.

(I say that fully trusting that USPS Online Postage isn’t going to cause me grief. Crossed fingers, please?)

After that, there’s a handful of review copies that also need to find their way to good homes.

Then I’ve got a convention coming up in July (anyone in Jacksonville? I’m heading your way!) to prep for. Incidentally, prepping for the launch was like getting ready for my first convention all over again. Between being out of practice for public events to the added element of, essentially, catering it, it made for a hectic week.

But worth it? Oh, yes, definitely.

The first two books I signed were to people I didn’t know. This is HUGE for a new/unknown author of any sort–you expect friends and family to show up, but strangers wanting to buy the book and being excited about it?! That’s just enough awesome to remind you why you wrote the book in the first place.

And there were still folks milling about after 2 hours, so we actually ended up staying 4!

We took a fair amount of pictures. To see them, head over to the Launch Album over on the Facebook page (it’s the easiest way, I promise). And like us if you haven’t already!

If you didn’t make it to the official launch but still want to get your book while supporting a local business, Secret Headquarters will be keeping What to Feed Your Raiding Party in stock for the foreseeable future. Of course, if you’re not in Tallahassee or you want an Artist Edition, then you just need to click on over to the order page and tell me allll about it.

What do these Artist Editions look like? Here’s a couple more that I finished earlier this week:

2 More Artist Edition sketches featuring characters Jud and Ami

In gaming news, we FINALLY got our 2nd Edition game going again this past Sunday (leftovers from the launch came it quite handy when it was dinner time!) and managed to run a short encounter (which we then dubbed the Fellowship of the Fiddle) to get the last of us (*ahem* me *ahem*) enough XP to level up so that we can take on the next “real” adventure. Oh, and we get to go shopping. Armor Class of 2, here I come all shiny in my new Plate Mail!

The Wednesday night D&D Encounters are still going and–oof!–these last two games have been beasts! Last week was a bloodbath (we actually had 1 character completely die–4th Edition deaths are, um, interesting) and last night was very nearly a TPK! Thankfully the DDE games have some qualifiers to the “really, most sincerely dead” rules, and not only did I get my first Renown rewards (go me!), I also leveled up THAT character, too. Even though I technically died. But I still get to come back next week, sans all remaining healing surges, and hope we can make it 2 more sessions before we get a true extended rest.

These drow are kinda handing our asses to us, but at least it’s fun! And I love my snarky, surly tiefling hexblade, I definitely wasn’t ready to give her up. (Or, you know, have her cousin magically appear to take her place.)

In closing, I’d like to leave you with this parting thought, a quote from last week’s game:

Gnome up, dude.

That is all.

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