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Not Exactly Headline News

But, you know what they say, no such thing as bad publicity.

It all started last Wednesday night…. (*cue flashback sound effects*)

I was sitting at the comics shop, waiting for the 5th night of the massacre known as D& D Encounters to start when Brian hands me the telephone and says,

“The Democrat wants to interview you about the cookbook.”

It’s a good thing I was already sitting as you could have knocked me down with a feather at that moment.

Long and the short of it is that we did the phone interview the next night after work and then they came out to my house on Monday to watch me cook something from the book, take some pictures for this Thursday’s Taste section and video for the website.

As of this writing, I don’t know if I misunderstood the intended publication date OR if, in classic newspaper style, my article got bumped for one reason or another, and will run at a later date. Trust me, I’ll keep ya posted!

In the mean time, here’s the video we shot that day (and, yes, I meant stove at the beginning, not oven)

Direct link to TDO Video for the feed-readers.

And here are some of the photos from that day are available on

I don’t mind telling you I was super-nervous leading up to Monday. Over the weekend I cleaned up the Abyss (mostly because it looked like a tornado had touched down in here, but also in case they wanted pictures of me drawing or something–they didn’t, but that’s okay), and scrubbed the kitchen like my security deposit depended on it. Monday morning I had everything laid out like you see on cooking shows and had walked myself through both recipes twice, checking for any step or supply I might have forgotten.

But, you know, once we got started and I was narrating my way thorugh the 2 recipes? I was cool as a cucumber, as if I did this every day.

I even went into work Monday afternoon after we finished up.

After news like that, there’s really no point in adding this week’s minutiae, is there? It’ll keep til our next update.

Once again, I’m ecstatic over the interest and enthusiasm What to Feed Your Raiding Party has received both in pre-production as well as the 2 weeks it’s been out into the world.

And if you haven’t snagged your copy, yet, you can get them at Secret Headquarters (if you’re in Tallahassee) or order them right here (Artist Editions only available via our web-store).


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