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Things are looking a little different around here compared to last week, have you noticed? If you read this via Facebook or your handy-dandy feed reader, you’ll have missed our new header or homepage, see?

New Home Page for What to Feed Your Raiding Party
Home Sweet Home Page

There are still a few fiddly bits to finish up but this way, when someone new comes to the site, they see this handy-dandy greeting page instead of being thrust into the midst of the blog. If you DO read the blog on the site, you might want to bookmark the blog-specific address:

Of course, in the process of all these updates I managed to break part of the theme, but that’s how we learn, right? I put it back together, more or less. If you find something not quite right, please let me know ASAP so I can fix it.


In other news (ba dum bum!) the article about the book came out in today’s Tallahassee Democrat:

Front page and part of 4B where the coverage of What to Feed Your Raiding Party is featured

Nice, huh?

Non-locals can check out the article on

Screenshot of article on What to Feed Your Raiding Party

We’re positively picture-riffic, aren’t we?


Keeping up with the picture-palooza, here’s a shot of Helper Monkey Extraordinaire Todd in one of our aprons from I’m pretty happy with the production quality on these, which goes right along with everything I’ve heard about the service in general.

Todd modeling our Rules of Knife Club apron

Expect at least one more design coming out in the near future.


I’m getting the comics back together!

If you ever read my webcomics, Cocktail Hour and Where the Geeks Are, you’ll be happy to know that they each got a “we’re back” update this week and will be resuming the usual schedule starting next week!

And there was much rejoicing all around!

Until next time!

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