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Reaching Out

So, I was delivering a local book order this week (to a very lovely woman who bought the book for her grandson) and she was asking if I was involved with a local video game group.

This probably had a lot to do with the Tallahassee Democrat article describing the book as if it were for VIDEO gamers. Not that it isn’t, but y’all know that it’s written more with table-top/rpg gamers in mind (and we had that discussion, the reporter and I, but things still get lost in translation, it happens, nothing really to do about it now!).

Not being affiliated with any video gamer groups–not even playing video games, myself–I couldn’t tell her much that her grandson, just home from college, wouldn’t already know about. In fact, here in town, the only thing I could think of was to suggest GameScape, since I know (or think I know) they do video games, LAN parties, and that sort of thing.

Aside from online communities related to specific games or platforms, is there anything I’m missing? Where do you go to hook up with local video gamers? Is it even as social as table-top gaming to have that sort of local interaction?

Tallahassee video gamers, give me your tips and I’ll pass them along.


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