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Hittin’ the Road

The bags and totes are packed and as soon as we get home from work, tonight, it’s time to load up and head back out.

Ancient City Con, here we come!

I’ve been cooking since Sunday evening so that we’ll have plenty of yummy samples to hand out over the course of the con. No mere bowl of tempting candy for us! (At least not this con.) It’s a toss-up, really, whether making 5 different sample recipes for the length of the con was a brilliant or foolhardy idea. We’ll see how many are left–samples and books–before I make the final call!

Now for something completely different!

Some good news is that I’m seeing a couple new registrations a day for the Community. The bad news is that a lot of spammers are even getting through the 3-D Captcha and creating bogus accounts. It’s easy to tell they’re fake accounts because the random number and letter combos in the Location and About Me fields. I don’t expect you to give up your state secrets, but something to let fellow members know how to relate to you is nice.

I used to think the fact that I had to manually give members Forum access was a pain in the ass, but with the spammers getting through it’s actually a benefit!

At any rate, please make sure you’re putting something reasonable (creative is good, gobbledygook not so much) in those fields or you’ll be blocked.

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