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Movin’ On Up!

Do you know what happened since our last update?

We had our first Raider (aka Community Member) Level Up! Congrats to Stevie Lynn who purchased her book at Ancient City Con and has been cooking up a storm since then! Sure, right now she’s a Level 2 “Kitchen Boy”, but if she keeps up her current culinary adventures I see that changing very soon!

I love it when I hear from people with questions about the recipes–it shows they opened the book at least a little. When I see a picture of the dish one of our members has made, I get a big grin on my face. And then I proceed straight to the “Add Points” screen on my dashboard to dole out the XP!

Did you know that you can click on “My Points” in  your profile and see what you’ve earned and when?

screenshot of points profile

Of course, from my profile you can see that you get points for logging in to the site, posting in the forums, making status updates and all that sort of thing.  But when you get points for completing a recipe it will say which recipe you earned the points from. Just in case you ever forget.

In D&D news, we had our Session 0 for the next season of DDE last night and the crowd was much smaller than the beginning of the last season–some folks are objecting to the evil/drow-centric campaign but I guess I’m still too new to really have any opinions one way or the other. In our house game we were given a guideline of “no evil characters”, so it seems like a good opportunity to give it a whirl.

My Drow Mage should be interesting to play, especially as the rumor is role-playing will come into primary importance before this season is through.

Would you play an “evil” campaign? And what do you think drow like to eat?

2 thoughts on “Movin’ On Up!

  1. Luke says:

    I have never played an Evil campaign, although from what I have heard they are a balancing act. On the one hand it’s a lot of fun for the players to cut loose with no morals about what they do. But on the other hand I understand it can be tough for the DM to keep people in line and not just turn the game into a massacre of innocent NPCs.

    I do remember once that we had a game (3.0) where we had one Evil player amongst us. I was played a LG Dwarf Cleric and sniffed him out almost immediately. We did not get along in the game very well, heh! Made for some fun roleplaying, though! Unfortunately the player, while a pretty good guy, was also a bit of a flake and eventually had to be dropped.

    • Profile photo of Jennifer "Scraps" Walker
      Jennifer "Scraps" Walker says:

      It should be interesting. This week we get to find out what our house-specific secret motivation is, which adds a new layer for me as I’m used to playing pretty up front with everyone.


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