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Event Horizon

Still a little surprised it’s suddenly September, because that means it’s almost time for another corner of the world to learn about What to Feed Your Raiding Party!

Okay, corner might not be the best term… nook and/or cranny?

What I’m saying here is that our next convention appearance approaches apace!

On September 29, 2012, What to Feed Your Raiding Party (and Random Acts Comics) will be in Louisville, MS, for the Backwoods Comics Festival! It’s a one day event, so don’t blink or you might miss it! If you’re in the area, please stop by and say hello.

The following weekend, October 6, 2012, Secret Headquarters (of Tallahassee, FL) will be hosting the 2nd Annual Unicorn Party, “an event dedicated to celebrate, showcase, and appreciate all of the women and girls out there in comic and gaming fandom in particular, and female geek culture in general!”Β Last year was an absolute blast–I can hardly wait for the next one. New location, more room, and a mini-con-like feel. Obviously, What to Feed Your Raiding Party will be out in full force!

Finally (for this year, at least), November 11, 2012, (yes, Veteran’s Day) will find the comic book cookbook for gamers back in Jacksonville for another single-day event. This time it’s for the North Florida Comic Show and we hope to see some of the familiar faces from our last Jacksonville foray.

If you know of a comics or gaming show in the southeast that you’d love to see What to Feed Your Raiding Party at–what with our Wheel of XP and free samples–leave a comment, send an email, or–better yet!–let the con organizers know so they can invite us. We always RSVP!

Oh! The new Self Publisher! Magazine #58 is out (free pdf download at the link). Within this issue’s 72 pages (wow!) are two articles from little old me! One about the Square Card Reader, and then I got to interview Donna Barr about her convention-building Dragon Model. Seriously, go check it out. Now is good–we’ll be here when you get back πŸ™‚

As for gaming…

After a 1-week postponement, we managed to get together and game this weekend with the home crew and made it through an encounter and a half before it just got too damn late to continue. We went til 11pm, only because none of us had to be responsible adults the next day, but couldn’t quite take out the two muscle-bound lunkheads that maybe weren’t as in-league with the big bad we DID manage to vanquish in the process. This was, of course, after we fought off 11 snake-like things on a log bridge and revived the would-be sorceress who summoned the evil things in the first place.

This was, if you’ll recall, our first time playing 4th Edition at home, with our dice-rolled characters, and it was… interesting. It took some getting used to, especially in the realm of my paladin no longer being able to automatically detect evil intent or resist certain maladies as a given. Apparently I needed to choose those as powers or feats when I converted my character. Oops! It was nice to have different options as far as attacks went, and we were all making creative use of healing potions as minor actions towards the end there (ongoing fire damage is NOT our friend).

Still up in the air if we’ll be gaming this weekend (oooh, 2 in a row? Novel!), if not it’ll probably be October before we meet again due to the Backwoods Comics Festival. Let’s all hope that trip goes well, okay?

Don’t forget, folks, you can create an account here, post pictures of your completed recipes, and earn that XP within our community! And for those realizing that with fall comes the need to start your holiday shopping–What to Feed Your Raiding Party makes a great gift for gamers, comic lovers, fans of geeky movies, and college students living on their own for the first time (or the 21st… we don’t judge). And if you order sooner rather than later, you can ensure a timely delivery for Artist Editions (and yes, I do try to accommodate all reasonable requests as far as the sketch in the Artist Editions).

One thought on “Event Horizon

  1. Luke says:

    Is it bad that I saw “the 2nd Annual Unicorn Party” and read it as “the 2nd Annual UNICRON Party?” That would be a very different event, I imagine. πŸ™‚

    Isn’t it funny how as you get older, “too damn late” gets earlier and earlier? Back in college, the group I was a part of would routinely play until 3 or 4 in the morning. Then we would begin the struggle to stay awake for just a few more hours until the dining hall opened up, with the promise of eggs, grits, bacon, sausage and SO HELP ME HASHUT COFFEE. πŸ™‚

    Now, working full time with a wife and two kids and studying for my PE exam, I start feeling tired at around quarter to 11. πŸ˜› And when I do manage to stay up past my bed time, OH MAN am I feeling it in the morning!

    Never had a chance to play 4th edition myself… I’ve heard mixed reviews, so I am interested in hearing more of your personal experiences with the system.


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