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Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time…

How often have you had that thought, mid-game?

First, though, having nothing to do with today’s title (at least not yet), just a little reminder that we will be at the Coliseum in Louisville, MS, this weekend for the Backwoods Comics Festival. Woot! I have to say, after the mania that was getting read for Ancient City Con in July, prepping for BWCF has been a breeze. Most likely because we did all the “heavy lifting” leading up to ACC and this, being a 1-day con, is a simpler prep. But there’s just as much a possibility I’ve forgotten to do something major and I’ll discover it Thursday night and be up ’til the wee hours finishing whatever it is.

You know, the usual.

So if you happen to be in the neighborhood, Saturday, make sure to stop by because we’ll be there in some form of preparedness.

And back to the topic at hand.

Last Sunday’s game seemed to be pretty straight-forward. We’d defeated the previous ambush and managed an extended rest before heading out to the Towers we were supposed to be investigating. Turns out those towers? A third or so under water. Green, slimy, fetid swamp for that matter. That wasn’t going to happen.

Meanwhile, nearby was this apparently abandoned fort that showed signs of being recently repaired. So, you know, not completely abandoned. Plus, there were dead lizard-people outside of this spike ring around the perimeter–dissenters?

Turns out, the fort was being held by a mix of elves, humans, and dwarves who’d taken shelter there after encountering the lizard-men. They were after treasure in the towers (go figure) but offered to let us in if we’d help defend the fort. We found this out due to Vlax’s mage hand cantrip and my diplomacy. Which was a good thing as lizard-people troops were beginning to surround the fort.

Things were not as they seemed, though. You knew that was coming, right?

When the lizard-troops finally attacked, it started with a tree being steamrolled through a fort wall. Oops! But instead of helping us fight, the captain and his lieutenants high-tailed it to the opposite side of the fort. To the area where they swore there wasn’t any sort of secret passage to the submerged towers. Funny thing? When the lizard-bosses made it past us and into the fort? They, too, ignored us and headed straight for the opposite side of the fort.

Ya don’t say.

This was the scene when we finally called it a night.

The quarters were the foot-soldiers of our so-called allies, but we’re vastly outnumbered. Holding the fort is seeming far less important, but we’ve got a couple weeks before our next session to figure out what we’re going to do.

We’ve got some Greek Fire on us, I’m thinking if we could get it into the center of the throng (mage hand, anyone?), we could get rid of at least some of the mob that’s still outside the fort.

Ever have one of *those* games?

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