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Hurtling Into Fall

Unicorn Party went swimmingly–hopefully the other artisans had just as much fun as we did, despite the heat. I actually out-sold Backwoods Comics Festival; who knows, the attendance might have been similar! We’re already looking forward to what next year will bring, and I think Brian’s got some big plans up his sleeves.

This coming weekend we’ve got another local event (I know, look at me being all locally un-shy for once), Fall Fever at Railroad Square. This will be our first non-comics or gaming-centric event, so it will be interesting to see if our single-day sales average holds even when we’re not at a targeted event. If it does–or even if it comes close–I might be tempted to try more local festivals.

As to the gaming…

Last time we were helping defend this fort only to have a sneaking suspicion that our “friends” weren’t entirely honest with us. Turns out we were more right than we knew! After Vallora (go me!) killed off the lizard dude in charge, the 2nd in command ¬†dropped his guard and said they’d stop fighting if we’d only give them their babies back.

The hell?!

We only thought they were hiding a secret passage in the storeroom (and they were hiding that, too)–it turns out those fools stole (for reasons yet unknown to us) many of the lizard-peoples eggs and were holding them in a well in the storeroom. So we brokered a deal with the lizard-dudes that we’d get their babies back if they’d agree to stop terrorizing the High Road (our original mission), and their Shaman agreed, as long as we turned over M’car (the head of our so-called allies). So off we went in search of M’car and his¬†lieutenants and found the portal to the submerged towers. We’d cleared the first floor and come across nothing more suspicious than an animated bag of flour and bathtub water. We’ll have to check back on that after we’ve figured out where M’car and his goons have gotten off to.

So our enemies became our allies and vice versa–you just never know, right?

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