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The Honeymoon’s Over

The bloom is off the rose.

The cookie crumbled.

And 1,001 other platitudes.

Alas, it finally happened. We went to a con and didn’t sell enough to cover our expenses for the event.


I knew it was inevitable, but I really enjoyed the last several months of events that ended with a positive balance. And while I know that no single event is just about the tally in the sales book when the show closes–it’s about the overall impact–still, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed.

But, hey, at least this means I don’t have to put in a rush reorder before the holidays, right?

(Not that that would be such a bad thing…)

And speaking of holidays, the post office has published this handy-dandy ship-by schedule.

They say that domestic packages shipped by Friday, December 21, should arrive at their destination in time for Christmas. (International folks need to ship by December 3.) This is for Priority Mail (the only way I ship these books as they’re a solid pound each and the flat rate envelopes are the best value), but even still I think that’s cutting it a bit close. Based on these dates, though, I’m setting the order-by dates for Christmas delivery as follows:




Regular Edition

Sunday, Dec. 16

Wednesday, Nov. 28

Artist Editions

Sunday, Dec. 9

Wednesday, Nov. 21

Which boils down to: if you want an Artist Edition shipped internationally, you’d better get your order in pronto!

Remember, if you fill out the Free Gift Wrap field on the order form I’ll wrap the book and add a D20 tag . What can you expect from the wrapping? Well, take a look at these two books heading out this week:

The tissue, ribbon, and tag colors are subject to change based on what I have on hand, but you get the idea.

All right! Ready… set… ORDER!

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