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We Are the Champions!

We came. We saw. We kicked its ass.

The Devil Dude, that is.

When last our group got together (over a month ago–shameful!) we had discovered the double-cross of the M’car and his┬álieutenants who’d duped us into defending them and the fort against the lizard dudes (turns out, M’car et al. had stolen the lizard people’s eggs–not cool) an were in hot pursuit through a dimension door and into Mordenhaven Tower. We’d already cleared the first floor (more or less, the DM kept reminding us) and were moving onto the second.

Vallora picks up pretty quickly (she is wise, after all), that the dust on this floor is undisturbed and chances are the people we’re following didn’t come this way. Still, the rest of the party really wants to clear the rooms so la de da we do. Nothing.

Back downstairs we retrace our steps, don’t see anything we missed in the kitchen (where the muddy footprints petered out) and deduce that we’ve got to deal with the 2 animated objects we encountered on our first sweep: a bag of flour in one bedroom, and a tub of water in the bath. What a bag of flour was doing in the bedroom we still have no clue.

Now we’d formulated a plan of attack of sorts. See, in the other bedroom were sheets and linens and we figured if we could trap the animated flour we would eliminate that threat. Seems simple enough, right?

Yeah, if we hadn’t noticed all the linens of said room piled in one corner. Vlax, nervous as always, tells Kira to shoot the pile of linens and it’s a good thing he did–there was a freaking Cloaker hiding in the pile. It grabbed Teran who managed to phase-step out of its clutches, and then went for Kira who did the same. Unfortunately for Vallora, she didn’t have that ability and was pretty much trapped in that thing until Vlax came over and clonked it on the head with his staff.

Get some sheets never sounded that dangerous, huh?

Our plan worked as far as flour-puss went–Kira and Teran being much more adept with the running with sheets things (Vlax and I not so much), and we had our henchpersons, Shannon & Larem, drag over some furniture to keep the flour contained.

Of course we had to then send them to undo that pinioning as we determined that adding the flour to the water would produce a clay or paste that we could subsequently burn and, therefore, eliminate both of the threats. Two vessels of Greek fire later and we had cleared the obstacles and could get to the one door we hadn’t opened before.

It was a closet.

That just happened to have a trap door and ladder combo inside.

Now, earlier we’d felt a considerable rumble from somewhere below us and heard some agonized cries. Figuring this is where our foes went, we cautiously headed down into the unknown.

And found this:

Devil Dude's under-tower lair

Oh. Hell.

In addition to the inscription inlaid on inner ring of the floor (and, yes, those are bodies torn limb from limb that you’re looking at), the room’s walls were hung with black tapestries with foreign text on them. Right about now we were thankful for 2 things:

  1. The big ol’ demon/devil thing was too busy trying to turn off the water to the moat surrounding him to notice us right off.
  2. Vlax can read otherwise-unknown languages.

We were also very lucky that Vlax opted to read the tapestries and not the inscription on the floor as it told us some very important things. Namely that the hell-beast is contained in a stasis field connected to a talisman embedded in the floor (which, of course, one of the dead dumbasses had removed), that the second barrier was a flowing moat that the monster could not cross as long as the water flowed freely (there went our idea to clog the drain), and that there was also a force field acting as the final barrier.

Force field? We don’t see no stinkin’ force field.

Thankfully the tapestry also gave us the spells to both raise and lower said force field.

Of course as soon as Vlax raised it he also got the monster’s attention, but it did give Teran the opportunity to sneak around behind him and replace the talisman while the monster whaled on Vlax.

After that it really didn’t take too long to wrap things up. A short skirmish gave Vlax the opportunity to crawl away and then he managed to magically shove the monster back towards the stasis field that Teran had reactivated. Now that we saw it was possible we all started working toward it and pop, there he was.

Kinda anticlimactic in a way. But, hey, we won, nobody died (well, except those double-crossers who deserved it for thinking they could set a demon free and actually control him), and we were able to not only find peace with the lizard people, they’re actually our allies now!

Who knows what sort of mission Sir Justin will have for us, next…


One of the odd little things about this tower is that none of the fireplaces or stoves had chimneys. We knew something was up with it, but couldn’t figure out what. Notable comments raised by such a train of thought include:

We should call this adventure ‘how to catch the flue.’


It dispells smoke, not stupidity.

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