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Just When You Thought It Was Safe…

To go back into the swamp, that is.

This week’s game was Waterworld meets Swamp Thing. Well, probably not, but it sounded good in my head.


From Vallora’s Diary (because it would make sense for a paladin to keep a diary, right?)

Dear Diary,

Apparently it was foolish to presume that making peace with one lizard group meant making peace with all lizard groups. Our allies are still our allies, but there’s another tribe a bit farther to the north, whose strings are being pulled by someone higher-up, who’re making trouble in a big way and we were sent after the guys who were sent to find out what was going on.

Search and rescue it ain’t.

Instead, we get halfway there and come across this pool of clear water in the midst of a swamp. Funny thing about that water, once Teran stuck his hand in to see if anything would happen, 6 of the 7 of us saw things. All different things. Except Kelch, he saw nothing. Which may or may not mean something. But then the lizards attacked and we were fishing people out of the drink, boat hopping, and battling off interlopers.

(Of course, by that description it could have been a real party. It wasn’t.)

Luckily Vlax had gained a new power before this trip–Mirror Foe or something to that effect (mages, you can never understand a word they say)–anyway, it creates a doppleganger of the target that then fights the target, if the psychic damage of the splitting off doesn’t kill him first, of course, which it did this time. But we’re not complaining!

Oh, and we’ve got these neat rings on loan from Sir Justin that let you breathe and move underwater? Good thing, considering the tower we’ve been sent after is up to its armpits in the stuff.

Hope my plate mail doesn’t rust.



Reminder, space fans (don’t know where that came from, just go with me on it), this Sunday, December 16, is the last day to place an order for What to Feed Your Raiding Party, Regular Edition, and have it in time for Christmas giving. If you order after that I’ll get it out as soon as possible and it MIGHT be there by the 24th, but it also might not. Not that it wouldn’t make a great New Year’s gift, or 12th Night gift, you get the picture, right? The best gifts are those that come when least expected.

Or something like that.


And I’m working on the substitutions supplement, of course recipe number 1 is causing a bit of consternation: it’s half bacon, folks, do we just assume that those who do not indulge in the crispy pig* know to avoid this recipe on general principle and move on or what? Still, in the interest of thoroughness, I think it’s time to try some seitan trials**. Maybe the addition of Liquid Smoke would make it a more interesting substitution?

Time will tell!


Footnotes: (just like fezzes, footnotes are cool)

*wow, that sounds dirty

**not to be confused with the Witch Trials, of course, though had the pilgrims been so concerned with vital wheat gluten our history might have been very different indeed

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