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Lizard Men and Locked Doors

For our last game of the year we managed to get started early enough to get through 2 encounters this session…


From Vallora’s Diary

Dear Diary,

Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as we got through the opening in the wall around Holk House our boat goes tipsy and Larem, Kelch, and Shannon all find themselves in the water again. More lizard men, but not as many as we had to deal with by the crystal pool. Still, we managed to fight them off and no one was injured beyond the reach of our healing potions–thank goodness Sir Justin restocked us before we set out.

Once past that little kerfuffle we (read as: Teran) checked out the pile of rubble and two outbuilding within the walls. When he called Vlax to check out some runes on the bell in the tower, Larem went along to confirm that, yes, it was the bell from his vision. I’m not sure what that means, yet, but it probably means something.

Fortunately we were able to enter the main building by way of a 2nd-floor door so the rest of us could stay relatively dry. Checking out the rooms we came across another familiar site: the two girls from Teran’s vision! They were unconscious, but Kira was able to put together an antidote for the poison they’d be given.

It only went downhill from there.

In the temple area we found another woman–she claims to have been captured on the high road and recently escaped from Verrick Redshield, but he’s the man Sir Justin sent out before us. From what LaShonna told us, it sounds like he might be under the same thrall that these lizard folk are–we’ve got to find him and figure this out!

There’s a room that we can’t get into on this floor, so far, but the final bedroom revealed a secret passage behind a dark altar and, of all things, there was the image from my vision! The only thing missing was the red crystal with the sparkly star inside. Something tells me we’re going to need that, just like we’ll need the bell from Larem’s vision, too. I went to look for clues closer to the empty altar only to immediately fall down a trap door and into a water-filled room. As I was trying to figure out where I was in the murkiness of it all, I was surrounded by 6 Lasadons!

Teran, Shannon and Vlax jumped in to even up our odds a bit–those things were vicious! Vlax was able to spell half of them, though, and turn them against their fellow baddies just at the right time–two fell almost instantly, making it a much fairer fight against the rest, and we dispatched them before long. After 3 fights in one day we were all grateful to hole up in a bedroom and post a watch so we could rest up.

There’s no telling what tomorrow–or that locked room–will bring.



I hope those of you who received copies of What to Feed Your Raiding Party as holiday gifts are happily delving into the book and having some fun in the kitchen as a result. If you run into anything that puzzles you, feel free to email me or leave a message in the forums. Remember: there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

Speaking of the forum, that’s one section of this site that’s going to get some serious attention after the new year: I won’t be posting here, or on any of my sites in the Helper Monkey Network, for the month of January so that I can work on some behind-the-scenes stuff that is just so easy to push to the side when I’m posting 5x a week (or more) between all the sites. I’ll be adding the rest of the recipe-specific forum threads as well as looking into a better way of handling ┬ánew accounts: the 3-D Captcha just isn’t weeding enough of the spammers out and it’s really tedious to have to come in every few days and manually check profiles to weed out the few real people among the faux.

I’ll truly never understand what goes on in spammer’s heads–most of them aren’t even trying to post anything immediately, so I don’t know why they bother going through the hassle of signing up, ya know?

I also need to do some software upgrades and, I swear, every time I do one I seem to break the site and it’s usually just after I’ve scheduled a post–it’ll be nice to risk breaking things when I’m not immediately turning around to send out links to the site!

But! Just because there may not be posts happening in January, doesn’t mean you can’t still order books if you got some spending money for Christmas and you want to throw a little this way. I’ll still be shipping out any orders in the usual timely fashion (currently within 3 days for regular editions, 1 week for artist editions) and gift wrap is still available.

Happy New Year, lil’ Raiders, and I see you again in February!

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