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The Great Chili Debate

Deep in the heart of Texas, somewhere (possibly San Antonio), some-when, lies the birthplace of the Bowl of Red. A rich stew of onions, meat, chilies, and tomatoes that is now known the world over as Chili. And on the 4th Thursday in February (that would be today, February 28, 2013) National Chili Day is celebrated by affici0nados and fans alike.

According to some, beans have no business in your chili pot. Others, however, wouldn’t dream of making chili without their “chili beans.” Some say ground meat is fine to start with, others insist that the meat, instead, needed to be cut fine or slow cooked in the chilies and tomatoes that it falls apart on its own. Chili was one of the few things my second husband wouldn’t let me make–insisting that his way (which involved a No.10 can of tomatoes and enough chili powder to cover the surface of large stockpot twice) was the best and only way to make proper chili. And some places actually put pasta in (or under) their chili!

It was no mere coincidence that I picked Raiding Party’s own “White Chicken Chili” (p.97) for the first recipe challenge.

True, my White Chicken Chili probably wouldn’t pass muster with the Texas version: there’s not even a speck of red anywhere in this dish, not to mention the inclusion of white beans and corn. There’s still heat, though, in the form of ground white pepper and a diced jalapeno, so keep the shredded cheese and corn muffins (p.218) handy. Remember, water does nothing for pepper-induced burning.

Now, we have another chili recipe in What to Feed Your Raiding Party. The foreward of the book holds the story and secrets of “King Cano’s Chili”, graciously offered up for inclusion by my friend Ian Shires of the Self Publishing Assn and Dimestore Productions. Dimestore/SPA has been a great friend to me these last several years while I’ve figured out my path in comics and self-publishing, and Ian’s still busy getting Self Publisher! Magazine off the ground again. I’ve had the pleasure to write for SP! Mag since it’s relaunch and for the current issue (SP!62) even got to handle the cover feature. You can get your copy here: SP! 62 Free PDF Download

Self Publisher! Magazine Issue #62
Self Publisher! Magazine Issue #62

Ian’s trying to spread the wings of Self Publisher! Magazine and get more eyes on the people and projects featured inside so he’s launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds to print the next issue, SP! 63 (which I have 2 interviews in, by the way), and give them away at SPACE in April. If you feel so moved, please consider backing this Kickstarter, I did.

Next week we’ll be back with another installment of “Vallora’s Diary” and “What We Fed Our Raiding Party”. Until then, you’ve still got time to get your White Chicken Chili pictures uploaded to earn your boosted XP for the challenge. And, as always, you can order a copy of What to Feed Your Raiding Party and have your book within a week (based on current postage schedules in the US, blah blah disclaimer disclaimer).

Oh! And since postage has gone up so much for International deliveries (seriously, it pained me to enter the new numbers into the store’s shipping table), I’ve decided to go ahead and put together a pdf version of the book for those willing to work from digital copies. I want to do it right, though, so bear with me while I figure out the best way to go about formatting it and putting it up for sale.

Until then, (I know, I already said it, this time I mean it), have fun storming the castle!

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