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Happy Pi(e) Day!

Our pi are squared.
Our pie are squared.

Gotta love geeky math humor plus food, right?

Looking back, I see that What to Feed Your Raiding Party is sadly lacking in the pie department. There’s the Mini Quiche from the Little Shop of Tapas chapter, of course, and I suppose you could stretch the filling inside a doughy crust definition to include the Individual Beef Wellingtons, but other than that… I guess we’re more cake types around here. Though we definitely indulged around the beginning of the year when I reviewed Savory Pies over on Nibbles.

In other news, it also happens to be Potato Chip Day. Oh, gee, like I needed another reason to crave those things. At least the bags in the vending machine are the single-serving sort!

And now on with the miscellaneous info dump!

White Chicken Chili adjusted for a Low-FODMAP diet
White Chicken Chili adjusted for a Low-FODMAP diet
  • You have 1 more week to upload your pictures for the White Chicken Chili challenge! Next week I’ll be announcing the next challenge, so get those pictures in for the extra XP before you miss out!
One Stop Chop Cutting Board via
One Stop Chop Cutting Board via
  • When cooking, I think it’s always a good idea to tackle all the veggie tasks first, regardless of where they fall in the instructions. Of course, when you do that you need someplace to store the diced whatevers, so that’s usually another bowl dirtied in the battle for efficiency. This cutting board with handy built-in compartments from ThinkGeek looks like something I really need to add to my kitchen kit.
Star Wars barware set via
Star Wars barware set via
  • And if you’ve got a spare $750 laying around (tax refund?) and you really want to geek up your home bar, these pewter bar tools molded in Star Wars images would certainly fit the bill. Though, really, they might be a bit awkward to use what with all the fiddly details. It would be a shame to mess them up, too, as expensive as they are. But it’s still awfully nice to look at.

I didn’t intend today’s post to be quite so spendy, but so many neat things happened to cross my digital desk this week I just had to share. (And since we had to cancel gaming last week because I’ve been sick with the current strain of plague going ’round there was nothing new in Vallora’s Diary to report.)

Until next time!

2 thoughts on “Happy Pi(e) Day!

  1. mary says:

    I have a cuttingboard I got from Sam’s that is bamboo with flexible cutting inserts that slide inside for storage. The plastic inserts are color coded, supposedly to help show which go for fish and which go for veggies (but I just grab whatever, they all scrub clean).
    I love it so much I went back to get one as a gift – but of course they were all gone, 🙁


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