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Well That’s One Mystery Solved…

But plenty left to puzzle out!


from Vallora’s Diary…

Fighting on two fronts--but we can handle it!
Fighting on two fronts–but we can handle it!

I don’t know that we’ve ever bumped around someone’s castle for so very long without running into the owner by now! We left Shanon, Larem, and Kelch downstairs to heal up a bit more while we explored the next floor. We didn’t get too far before encountering an animated nutcracker from behind the bar, and then Teran unearthed a vampire and his swain. At least that lends credence to the source of the “white fever” the townsfolk reported. Once they were dispatched we found a coffin in a “pantry” area off the kitchen (empty) and some hidden stairs that led to the inevitable room with no door. Thankfully Teran is good at what he does and found the hidden door–obviously these were not merely servants stairs. This was the baron’s personal library, with his diary laid out on his desk, conveniently open to the story of his abduction of Nadia. Later pages described each wife he took after that, but not anything more recent than 6 months ago, so no mention of his most recent bride, Maria. We were a bit surprised that the next doors didn’t lead to a bedchamber but to a chapel. We locate the priest’s bedchamber off to one side (the bed was a ruse, though why we have no idea–underneath was a trapdoor to yet another empty coffin) and a bell chamber next to it. After our last experience with bells, Teran decides it’s best to rob the previous room of the bedclothes and muffle the bell–just in case. There was a third door we couldn’t get through, so Teran trapped it until we can figure a way in. Heading up the stairs I came to a landing with a skeleton in armor ready to pick a fight. Leading him back down the stairs to engage in combat where we have a bit more room to maneuver only sounded like a good idea at the time. From that trapped door came an elven vampire (the first elf we’ve seen in this realm not in our party). They were pesistent and we were down our helpers, but we still managed to defeat them without sustaining tremendous damage to our persons. And we are still in search of the Baron… and a way home.


But what did we feed our raiding party?!

Todd's chili... mmmmm!
Todd’s chili… mmmmm!

For this most recent gaming session it was Todd’s turn to cook and he planned a delicious meal of chili for the group. He actually made two different batches of chili (thank goodness we have 2 slow cookers, right?)–one for me with no beans, onions, or garlic and one for everyone else with everything else in it. Mine was quite tasty (proving that special diets don’t have to be bland ones) and I heard only good things about the other version, as well.

Nibbles don't have to be greasy to be tasty!
Nibbles don’t have to be greasy to be tasty!

In addition to chili for supper, we also had the usual fruit and veggies and some spreads and crackers. It’s not unusual for our gaming sessions to go for 6 hours, so having healthy options to snack on is always a good idea.


North Florida Comic Con went well, much better than last November, and if Todd and I weren’t getting married that same weekend we’d be back there this fall. Saw some familiar faces from our previous trips to Jacksonville, and met some new folks we hope to see again in June at Ancient City Con. But for now I’m looking forward to a relatively calm May. Anyone else?

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