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img via stock.xchng | photography by coloniera2
img via stock.xchng | photography by coloniera2

It’s good to have goals, it’s a great motivator, but when your goal is to get from A to B and the gap between then takes a long time or lots of steps, it’s easy to get discouraged by the journey. That’s why having milestones along the way is a very good thing. They give us a sense of forward motion and accomplishment while we’re still working towards the bigger goal.

One of our own Kitchen Adventurers has reached one such milestone on their quest to Level 20!

Expedite this!
Expedite this!

That’s right, @Nicole-the-Paladin has made it to Level 3! An Expediter, for those who aren’t familiar with that kitchen position, serves as a bit of a bridge between the front of the house (the dining room and waitstaff) and the kitchen. They take in the orders from the waitstaff and calls out the orders to the cooking staff. He or she stays on top of which tables ordered in what order and the timing of their meals to (hopefully) insure a smooth experience for the diner. The expediter may also be responsible for checking the plates before they go out, making sure that the garnishes are correct and that they edges of the plate are clear.

Now, if you want to level up, yourself, keep in mind that you’ve still got 1 more week (until May 22nd) to upload your picture-proof of your Veggie Nachos for double XP. And don’t forget that if you make your own Refried Beans for them you’ll get double the XP on that recipe to. That’s 800 XP on the line, and could easily bring you up or close to the next level!

And speaking of XP…

Did you know that earning XP for recipes ins’t merely a 1-and-done enterprise? It’s not!

If you skipped the Introduction chapter of What to Feed Your Raiding Party, you may have also missed the fact that you can earn XP for a first, failed attempt (you get 10% of the stated XP just for trying a recipe, even if something goes horribly wrong with the end result). Not only that, but once you’ve successfully completed a recipe and collected the full XP value, you can earn 50% of the XP again for a 2nd successful attempt, and 25% for the 3rd. If you decide to make it a 4th time, well, then you obviously enjoy the recipe and that’s reward enough!

In addition to recipe-specific rewards, you also earn XP for interacting here on this site: for commenting on posts, replying to topics in the forums, just about anything earns you a little something. So join in, and don’t forget to posts those recipe pictures!

Until next time…

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