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Recipe Challenge: May 23-June 19

Awww, I’ve got my sad panda face on right now: no one took up the Veggie Nachos challenge and earned the 800 XP…

Oh well, you’re loss!

Because starting today we have a new challenge and this one is perfect for Memorial Day or whatever summer cookout plans you’ve got in mind:

Spice-Rubbed Ribs (p.176)

Spice-Rubbed Ribs and Scalloped Potatoes
Spice-Rubbed Ribs and Scalloped Potatoes

(I don’t think those scalloped potatoes made it into this edition, did they? Something to look forward to in a future expansion, no doubt!)

Let’s see, the Ribs are usually worth 150 XP (they have 2 ingredients, what can you expect?) and the Rib Rub I suggest on page 177 doesn’t have any, so let’s go ahead and say if you make and post a picture of your Spice-Rubbed Ribs by end-of-day on June 19 you’ll reeceive 300XP–an extra 100 for the challenge and a one-time opportunity of earning 50 XP for the spice rub. Sound good?

Actually, those ribs sound very good to me just about any time of the year. Put those together with some of the Pineapple Poppy-Seed Coleslaw (p.175) and/or the Redskin Potato Salad (p.185) and you’ve got a meal that just scream lazy summer barbecue. Who’s bringing the beer?

Remember to post a link to your picture proof in the Fellowship of the Grill chapter. If there’s no thread started (I still haven’t done them all, I know, I’m such a slacker… I’m only juggling 5 blogs and planning a wedding, no excuse, right?) go ahead and start one of your own, it’ll be fine.

Site news: I’ve got some updates to make of our various plugins and theme bits so just in case you come to the site and things look a little wonky, bear with me (as opposed to bare with me–you’re on your own, there) I’ll get them put back to “normal” as soon as I can.

We’ve also not had a Vallora’s Diary entry in a little while, and that’s because May kinda sucked for our gaming group and we haven’t been able to meet up. If you’re curious to know what they’ll find upstairs of Castle Pantera, imagine how¬†we feel! That feature should resume around mid-June, schedules permitting.

Okay, then, that’s it for me! Y’all have a safe 3-day weekend, those that have this coming Monday off work, and I’ll catch you next week!

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