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Jacksonville Bound & a New Recipe Challenge

Literally, as I’m writing this in the car (Todd’s driving!) on I-10 almost halfway between Tallahassee and Jacksonville.

This weekend is, of course, Ancient City Con and it marks the almost-anniversary of What to Feed Your Raiding Party as well as the end of the first year of conventions (ACC was in July, last year, so this is a nice little bookend in a way). We’ve been preparing all week, putting together more and different samples for the crowd.

As of the schedule that was posted yesterday, the dealer room is open from noon to 8pm on Friday and from 8am to 8pm both Saturday and Sunday, so plenty of time to come say hello and grab something tasty.

Our sample schedule is looking like this, right now:

Friday: noon to 4pm Hot Wing Crackers w/Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic Hummus

4pm to 8pm Corn Chowder (yes, really, we’ll have the crock pots set up and everything!)

Saturday: 8am to 2pm Lemon Bars

2 pm to 8pm Paladin Punch

Sunday: 8am to 2pm Spinach Puffs

2pm to 8pm Brownie Bites

Everything is, of course, as supplies last. If we can set out the next item early we probably will but if we run out of both before 8pm for a given day that’s just the breaks. I think with everything we’re bringing we should be good, but only time will tell, you know?

For instance, I’ve got the usual 150ish brownie bites and almost as many lemon bars, and enough for somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 servings of chowder. We’ve got 200 spinach puffs but only 72 of the hot wing crackers (which is why they’re first up—Friday I don’t expect to be super busy) but plenty of hummus. Enough to where we might go get additional chips or something to keep sampling it later in the con.

Also, all samples are wheat-free. I can’t swear that their safe for celiac sufferers because my kitchen is not 100% wheat free and there’s a chance of cross-contamination with the pans and utensils (though I do try to minimize it), but we’re continuing to make things as safe for folks as possible.

And looks like no one was in the mood for ribs this month, so no one gets their extra XP for the last challenge.

This time I figured maybe we’d go easy (though how much easier than ribs you can go I’m not really sure) and challenge all of you Kitchen Adventurers to try out the very same Paladin Punch we’ll be handing out samples of on Saturday! We’re going to go simple, again, and just do double XP for this one. That said, if we get more than 1 person to complete the challenge I’ll randomly choose 1 challenger to receive an additional 500 XP! So get your friends involved, okay?

The Paladin Punch challenge will run until midnight on July 24th.

Hope to see you at Ancient City Con!

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